Musty smells in your basement? Poor air quality? Energy loss?

County Action Restoration is a team of elite specialists who can assess your situation to determine not only what is causing these odor, moisture, air quality, and temperature problems but also to recommend the best solution to solve your challenges. You may need your Basement and Crawlspace Encapsulated. Contact us so we can use our 25+ years of experience to help solve your challenges.

Basement and Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidification

Basement and crawl space encapsulation and dehumidification is the first step to a healthy home environment. The air quality in your home is dependent on the conditions found in your basement and crawl space. The air you breathe in your home circulates from the ground level up to the attic. Your basement and crawl space may therefore influence the air quality throughout your entire home. Many basement and crawl space foundations leak and many flood. When your basement or crawl space is damp, moldy, or full of water, the excess moisture is released into the air, which in turn is circulated throughout the house by way of normal convection of the homes heating and air conditioning system. Damp and dirty basements and crawl spaces may be creating unhealthy conditions, which can be hazardouse to you and your family's health, and may be contributing to toxins and allergens you breathe. If you are dealing with any of these issues, a simple basement or crawl space encapsulation and dehumidificaiton can dramatically improve your home environment.

Benefits from Basement Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidification

The benefits of treating your basement and crawl space can be significant. Humidity control will keep the relative humidity below 60%, even when the humidity outside is a lot higher.

  • Better air quality in the basement and crawl space, which means better air quality in your home.
  • Greater energy efficiency with some studies stating a 20% reduction in energy use in homes with a conditioned basement and crawl space.
  • Mold and moisture reduction.
  • Insect and critter prevention.
  • Getting rid of those musty smells

  • Request an estimate or contact us today and learn more about how we not only restore, but help you understand and facilitate the entire restoration process.

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